• Career Achievements

    Harry Dach is an Adjunct Professor at South West Community College where he teaches Premiere Pro, After Effects and Cinema 4D.


    Some of his previous students are now editors at Memphis Clear Channel 24/30 TV station and one of the largest editing groups in Memphis, "DEANS STUDIO". Also to his credit is JEREMY BENSON who made a film in Memphis and sold it for distribution over seas.


    Harry was an editing mentor for FUEL FILMS organized and started by David Merril. Harry helped mentor and edit many a short films for the 48 hour film contests for 3 years. Now he is assisting students in the Memphis Film Prize which offers beginning film makers of all ages a chance to win $10,000. prize money for a short 5 to 12 minute Movie .


    After 21 years in the Marine Corps he is thrilled about teaching editing and helping others to edit.

  • Teaching Experience

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    June 2002-Present

    Adjunct Professor of Premiere Pro, After Effects & Cinema 4D

    Harry is not just a teacher that shows up every day to cover chapters and grade assignments. True to his Sensei beliefs he inspires his students to practice mastery and achieve their dreams through discipline and consistent practice. Harry possesses a genuine interest in not only meeting, but exceeding course objectives by participating in business and community activities that foster goodwill to promote student jobs and the mission and values of the college.

    Mid-South Community College

    April 2000-May 2002

    Electricity/Electronics and Graphic Arts Instructor
    Harry was responsible for the design and development of a new Electricity/Electronics course program. By creating engaging course materials suitable for diverse educational backgrounds Harry successfully assisted students in fulfilling course objectives. Harry also taught Adobe PhotoShop 6 and Adobe Illustrator 10 graphic arts courses.

  • Uncommon Achievements

    Status quo is not in the vocabulary for one who travels the road to mastery.

    Adjunct Professor of the Year


    "Harry Dach, in appreciation of your many years of dedicated service, devotion and commitment to our college and the students who we serve."

    Southwest Tennessee Community College May 7, 2015

    Founder Memphis Kendo/Iaido Club

    Kendo 4th Degree Black Belt & Iaido 5th Degree Black Belt

    Dach was one of the very first non-Japanese students of Takaaki Nakahama-sensei of Iwakuni City, who spent his entire life trying to pursue perfection in the art of Kendo. Before leaving Japan, Nakahama-sensei gifted Dach-sensei with 32 complete sets of Kendo armor (bogu) on the condition that he pass on all his Kendo learning at no charge to those willing to learn.

    Ham Radio Operator

    Advance License Call Sign KB4WRT

    Harry has been a licensed Ham Radio Operator since 1987 and enjoys talking with other “hams” from all over the world. Although it's known as being a geeky hobby it has serious practical advantages in times of crisis when modern technologies fail. Harry speaks fluent Japanese and German and is able to communicate in Mandarin and Polish as well.

    Actor and Editor


    Harry Dach is an actor and editor, known for Teenage Tupelo (1995), Friends Till the End (2011) and The Phoenix (2013). Harry even had an (uncredited) bit part in The Firm as a garbage truck driver. See more on IMDB.

    Walked Across Japan


    Upon retiring from the Marine Corp Harry went back in 1991 to travel across Japan by foot and hitch hiking. The trip took 6 months to finish. He had many memorable experiences such as sleeping under a spider infested unoccupied house during a rainstorm, a scary meeting with a wild boar in a bamboo forest and waking up at a truck stop with more than 3000 yen on his chest. With all that said...he owes his experiences and gratitute to his Iaido Sensei... Nakagaki Sensei of Shin Minato Iwakuni and his Kendo Sensei... Nakahama Sensei of Iwakuni City.

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